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Welcome to my Domain

Bob Garland aka BLZ Bob, Digital Artist and Cartoonist

Welcome to my world of Cartoons and Comic Art.
My Digital Collages are created from a huge pallet of vintage comic covers, newspaper headlines, hieroglyphs, spells, geometrical religious symbolism and a little bit of my magic.

Each collage has numerous versions, normally eight plus. Each one tweaked, adjusting; colours, intensity, shadows, eyes, lighting, backgrounds etc. making each one unique. 

I've divided my Digital Collages in to six galleries to help navigate through my ever growing portfolio

Forest Spirit Digital Collage

Fairy folk and forest creatures

Elves, nymphs and witches are some of the fairy-tale creatures you will find in this gallery.

Medusa. Digital Collage
Giesha Girl Digital Collage

Famous people and portraits

Beautiful women from around the world. Celebrities, Native Americans, Politicians and more.

Mythological Creatures & Heroes

Dragons and Demons.

Mythological creatures from ancient times.
Cyclops, Centaurs and Trogon heroes

Superheroes Digital Collage
Deep Sea Steampunk Digital Collage

Steampunk animals

Steampunk creatures from the land, sea and air. Visit the underwater world of Steampunk deep sea creatures.


Sci-fi characters

Sci-fi and comic superhero characters as never seen before.

Alternative Art Digital Collage

Abstract and alternative art

Abstract and alternative art

The hard to categorize gallery.

The bizarre and abstract world of art.

Cartoons of the everyday adventures of a bot and his dog.

Take a look at my Willie or should I say Peanus.

New and published cartoons by BLZ Bob

Over 100 T-Shirt design on Red Bubble

Over 100 designs are printed on over 70 merchandising items

Artwork pages

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