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Pottery by BLZ Bob

When I first set up home with Sian, I thought I'd go to pottery night school and make our own kitchenware. Plates, bowls, cups, tea pots etc.

Well that never happened here's what happened.

Elf planter
Fairy Planter
Greenman Planter
Dragon Planter
Mineral Man
Alien Sckull
Greenman wall plaque
Tree trunk planter
Greenman Planter
Greenman Planter

Garden Gnomes by BLZ Bob

Created as part of my passive aggressive war against my miserable, grumpy, gnome loving neighbour.

The neighbour from hell was the kind of person who complained about my late father-in-laws funeral hearse being parked legally outside his house for a few minutes.

I use to like to set up the BBQ and garden chairs. You could hear him moan about "the gypsies eating in the garden again" He'd go indoors slamming all the windows shut, by the time he limped down stairs and back in to the garden, I had put it all away.

Gnome with a hole in
Dead gnome
Pooing gnome
Wicked gnome
naughty gnomes
Dead gnomes

There were other gnomes; peeing, flashing and decaying. All very visible to Mr Grumpy

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