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Peanus with Dick & Willie

Willie was voted as one of the comics top three characters in readers polls.

Peanus with Dick & Willie.  Everyday rural adventures of a boy and his dog.
I believe there may be another cartoon strip about a boy and his dog with a similar sounding title of Penis? or Peanut?  or something like that but that’s where any similarity stops.

Willie title

Published as “Willie” from 1989 to 2001,
in "Smut" an alternative adult comic.

Willie Cartoons

Willie was the top selling T-Shirts and the only character to have his own 64 page special edition.

Peanus cartoons

Now reworked in to sixty plus three and four caption strips from previously published  two page scripts and re-renamed back to Peanus. The strips original name when first published in the 80's in the Feltham Rugby Club's News Letters.

If you've enjoyed your first taste of Peanus and would like more?

Good news!

Animated Peanus instalments coming your way.

Enjoy all 60 animated strips on YouTube

You Tube Peanus with Dick & Willie
The Dog's bollocks

They're the dog's bollocks

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