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Digital Collage by BLZ Bob

In December 2019 I decided to stop cutting up my much loved comic collections for Decoupage and went digital. Designing each  furniture panel to the exact dimensions of the piece of furniture I was working on.

Digital Decoupage
Digital Decoupage
Digital Decoupage
Digital Decoupage before
Digital Decoupage
Digital Decoupage after
Digital Decoupage
Digital Decoupage
Digital Decoupage
Comic Decoupage

Some early comic covers upcycling

This was my first effort. It was an annoying piece of furniture that had knocked around for decades, taking up valuable man cave space. It was only good for storing LPs. Added a shelf and some comic covers and made a bedside cabinet for my daughter.

Below more bedside cabinets. I had doubles of some comics and used them to effect on the tops.

Decoupage with comics
Comic art
Superhero art
Superhero furniture

Reversible top and sides.

Jan 2020 , Redundancy, Retirement, Covid then Lockdown. No longer working and with time on my idle hands, I created the first standalone digital collage “The Joker”.

The Joker
DC character
Super Villan
Digital Collage

Artwork pages

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Forest spirit. Digital Collage
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